Client Testimonials

Mike is an amazing trainer! He helped me drop pounds and inches within weeks! He has supported me every step of the way. My parents are now training with him as well and he has helped them make healthy changes as well! Very knowledgeable and just an awesome person! I recommend him 100%!!
-Alyssa E.

Mike is terrific! He trained me and my hubby together and we had a blast while getting fit. He was creative in working with our limitations and was always encouraging and upbeat. Highly recommended!
-Lisa G.

Mike is an awesome trainer! He has taught me so much about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.
-Amy M.

I have been training with Mike since Dec. To date i have lost 22 lbs and 16.5" Mike is an awesome personal trainer and I look forward to reaching my fitness goals with his help! Thanks rock!
-Dorothy G.

I have been working with Mike for 9 months now. When I met him I was a couch potato looking for a major life change. Mike works with me to design weight training workouts that incorporate all muscle groups. He challenges me weekly to train with heavy weights and I am amazed at how strong I feel and look. I love seeing the small changes in muscle definition that appear and feel much stronger and healthier over all.
-Lindsay T.

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Losing weight and getting fit and healthy are challanges I have struggled with for years. I tried joining big gyms, going on diets, and working out at home, but I'd hit a wall every time. Then I met Mike Colangelo. Mike's approoach to health and fitness not only includes cardio and weight lifting, but it also focuses on nutrition and healthy habbits, which are just as important as the physical components.

When I started training with Mike, we sat down and talked about my goals. He drew up a timeline and showed me the steps I'd need to take to reach my ultimate goal. His workout methods were easy to follow and very effective; the online aspect helped me stay on track even when I wasn't at a training session. Each workout is designed based on the individuals abilities and goals, and the different exercises are all written out and accompanied by moving images.

The online food diary was especially usefull and helpfull in the beginning ; it kept me honest anf on track with my eating habits. Mike provided me with useful tips and supplemental information that he has aquired through his many years of training. He even put together mini seminars outside of the gym for anyone who was interested in learning about getting and staying healthy.

I trained with Mike for once a week for a year and saw fantastic results. I lost thirty pounds and several inches, plus I saw an increase in my energy levels and a boost in my metabolism. Furthermore , I gained a better understanding of how the body works, and I developed healthier habits that help me maintain a better lifestyle.

Mike was always kind and supportive, and his pasion for health motivate me to continue to make healthier choices . Anyone looking to make a serious change in their lifestyle should contact Mike. The positive life long results you'll get are woth the time and effort.

-Caitlin L